FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.  It is the method used to transfer files from one computer to another.  In most cases, this is from a computer to a web server.  There are many FTP applications available on the web.  CuteFTP is ideal for beginners.  WS FTP is for the more advanced user.
CuteFTP 7.0 Setup
Label: fusako
Host address: fusako.com   //  your Domain Name
Username: bthompson   //  first initial last name
Password:    //  We will send via email.
Click Connect button. Wait a few moments until connection is made.
[ fusako - fusako.com, Status: Connected ]
The window on the left shows the contents of your computer.  The window on the right shows the contents of your website on the web server.  Drag files from your computer to your website - from left window to right window.  Browse your website to see changes.
Note: Be sure that your startup file is named index.html or index.shtml
Sunday, February 28, 2021